Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Charitable Incorporated Organisation

What we do

After many years working to establish a strong and caring community in the heart of London, in summer 2019 we have finally been awarded the CIO status (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) by the Charity Commission of England and Wales. This is just the last step of a long journey that started in 2003. Even before becoming a CIO, we have always worked to empower our community, and especially children, through football and sports.

Our aim to act as a resource for young people living in the London area, by providing recreational and leisure time activity, in particular a free football programme. Through our work we would like to improve the life and welfare of young people with infirmity or disability, or that come from disadvantaged social and economic circumstances.

These are some of the initiatives we have promoted and fundraised in the past, and some of the exciting projects we have in mind for the months to come.


TORNEO NORD-EUROPA GIALLOROSSO (2014-2015-2017) – Together with our friends and fellow Roma supporters from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway we organised three editions of a charity football tournament in Rome (Italy). The events were huge success and gathered a large public, as well as being mentioned in the local press. Sadly we never won the tournament, but we raised a significant amount of money, which was donated to several charitable organizations such as UNICEF and Futebol dá Força. 

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AMATRICIANA NIGHT (2016) – In August 2016, a devastating earthquake destroyed the city of Amatrice, killing 299 people and leaving many others without their homes and loved ones. 

The event also shattered our souls to the core, as we are deeply connected to the city of Amatrice. With the help of our friend Simone we organised a ‘pasta night’ and donated the money raised to organizations that worked for Amatrice’s reconstruction.

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INSIEME PER LA SARDEGNA – In 2013 we destined our fundraising campaign to help the people of Sardinia, after a destroying flooding hit severely the region. We organised raffles and ‘football nights’ and donated the money to the Italian Red Cross, which used it to offer First Aid to the people affected.


Future Project

We are currently working with another CIO, Sport and Thought, to organize a free football tournament for younger people with behavioural difficulties and SENs in the North London area. We conjugate our passion for football to Sport and Thought’s therapeutic use of it, to create a safe and thriving environment for school age children who are at risk of being excluded or left behind. Together, we can bring them back.


Our core values are friendship, integrity, excellence and honesty. Our Charity is currently run by our passionate volunteers, who dedicate their free time and endless efforts in order to provide the best possible service to our community.


Who we are

Roberto, Chairman 

Roberto founded Lupi di Londra back in 2003 and is our Chairman. After creating a successful business, Roberto has spent the last four years teaching football to young kids. He is a DBS checked, patented, volunteer coach in a London football academy. Roberto has three beautiful children and a good taste in music.


Valerio, Trustee

Valerio joined Lupi di Londra in 2013, after moving from Rome. He is an experienced manager operating in renewable energies, actively working to make our planet more sustainable for the future generations. He is an expert in Health and Safety and has a Jack Russell called Bruto.


Valentina, Trustee

Valentina arrived in the UK in 2012 to pursue a Master’s degree and she is currently completing her PhD in History. She is DBS checked and has worked extensively to promote higher education in underrepresented areas. Valentina enjoys reading and loves a cup of Earl Grey tea with lemon.


Francesco, Trustee

Francesco moved to London in 2015 and joined Lupi di Londra a few months later. He works as analyst for a travel company. In his free time Francesco is an FA checked football coach-assistant as well as a player for the Lupi di Londra football team.